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Panama - Taster Series - Chicho Gayo

Panama - Taster Series - Chicho Gayo

Xmas in a Cup!

This native African Varietal planted and processed by Ratibor, named after his father Ratibor „Chicho“ Hartmann Sr., combines african and central american Terrior characteristics in one cup. Dominant flavors of fruit punch, cloves and cocoa make this coffee an outstanding companion for holiday season.

Region: Volcan

Farm: Finca Hartmann

Anbauhöhe: 1700 m

Varietät: Heirloom

Aufbereitung: Anaerobic

Zubereitungsempfehlung: V60, Kalita, Aeropress

Körper: 3/5

Frucht: 3/5


  • Fruchtbowle
  • Nelken
  • Kakao

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